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We are currently not accepting submissions.
Diving Emperor Penguin
Special Issue 1 is now out.
It contains a hilarious story by Christian Roberts.
For previous issues, please see the archives.
Photo by Glenn Grant, NSF (PD)
Peccary tajacu at Paignton Zoo, Devon, England
Photo by Adrian Pingstone

Peccary Magazine publishes a range of short fiction in multiple genres and articles with animals as its common theme. Each story should feature an animal as an important character or as a vital part of the plot. As a new magazine, we rely on submissions to keep us going, so please check the contributor guidelines and send us your best work.

Right now we are a non-paying publication, but any accepted submission will be eligible to appear in an anthology for which each contributor gets paid an share of the profits (unless, of course, the author doesn't wish their story to appear in the anthology).

Donations are welcome. If we get enough of them, we may eventually become a paying publication.

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